College schedule maker, CSM, is a one of the best application for creating weekly/daily schedules. The application is designed keeping school, college and holidays in mind. Students can use it not only as a free college schedule maker but also as a holiday planner and school class schedule builder.

Features of college schedule maker

Ease of use and user epxerience has kept in mind while creating this scheduler. Simply add your subject, time and other activities by selecting an option from the left hand menu. Following are some of the features of te schedule maker application

CSM (college schedule maker) can also be used as an activity planner. In our blog section, our team has provided several templates and guides to create schdule easily using different applications. In addition to that, we are always open to add more features in our application.

Do not waste your pocket money in buying costly college planner or schedule builder. Our free class schedule maker is far better than any of the premium application. You can easily create a weekly schedule for your school or college in minutes. Our free class schedule maker is free FOREVER.

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