7 Tangible Tips To Manage College Studies & Part-Time Job

College life comes tough for many. With many responsibilities and constant ongoing thoughts of making their future bright, often leaves them worrisome. A majority of college-going students are managing their expenses on a shoestring budget. Above all, the skyrocketing admission and throughout the semester fees contrives students to look for a part-time job. The situation might be different for others, some might just want to dwell in learnings & internships so it adds to their CV and might help them get a better job. While some are lucky enough to find work-on-campus especially where the college has on-campus work policies. However, be it any resource that you get a job from, most of the students are not sensitive to the pressures they face while doing this.

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Going to college and your workplace are both two totally different environments. As humans, we take time getting adapted to different surroundings. It becomes tiresome on days when you have to run from your college sitting for 6 hours straight in lectures and going to office adhering to stringent rules and maintaining your decorum. Students in such a scenario often find it difficult to balance between studies and work commitment. Some with intensive financial problems are even observed to drop out of college to pursue a full-time job. This is not only a waste of their college time but also has a drastic effect on their bright future. So it’s sacrosanct to find a balance between their studies and work and for that they need to be briefed with ways to manage that. Below pinned are some essential time management methods by College Schedule Maker to help students find an effective balance between their studies and internships/jobs.

Hunt On For A Flexible Job

Prior you start with your job, talk to employees, and ensure that they are understanding your situation, limitations & priorities as a student. Ask them if they are okay with you working at flexible hours. Also, ask them before about the policies of leaves and inform them that you would be taking leaves during your exams. Make sure you make everything crystal clear before you opt for a job.

Accept & Embrace Every Change

A majority of students wander in search of internships or job which well fits their interest and career after college. But no matter what job you take, you need to make sure you are comfortable with it. If you are not, then do not try to force yourself. This is just the start and best time to experiment with fields as you’re confined to nothing. So, take things slowly at the beginning. Allow yourself to experience the core of the corporate world. It might happen that you after a while it wouldn’t suit your profile and that’s fine as long as you know what’s better for you.


Set Realistic Goals

It’s not everyone’s piece of cake to juggle between college life & job. It becomes sacrosanct to that you set realistic expectations & goals for yourself. Time management & prioritizing the tasks you have is an essential part to schedule your work effectively. Organize yourself, make a schedule that well feeds your college’s schedule as well. Allocate sufficient time for each task and give all of your calibers. And while doing all this, be realistic to your conscience. It’s fine to disappoint yourself at times and embrace the imperfections. Don’t burden yourself with things that are out of your reach or more than you can handle. Cut or drop down on things that you feel are not necessary at this point and focus on tasks that you think you can do better in or can excel in.

Gift Yourself “Me Time”

Of course, being all focused and determined about your career goals is praiseworthy but you need not cut down on your friends and your hobbies. Having fun and enjoyment augment your productivity and improves your ability to adapt to new things in a better way. It replenishes and recharges your mind & body and you can return to your studies and work with all pumped energy & focus.

Pen Down A “Why List”

When hustling between a part-time job & college studies, you will face many low phases where you would feel why struggle so much? You can easily enjoy your college life, hang out with friends and do what not? But ask yourself why did you opt this in the first place? Before you make a final decision and pass your verdict, try to look at things on a bigger screen and ask yourself thrice if it’s worth leaving your job. Everything has its own cons & downturns but you don’t get to give up so easily. If you feel all burdened, take a break, breathe, and try working on them rather than eradicating the roots completely.

Utilize Every Second

Time is a finite resource and we all have 24 hours. But if differs person to person on how we utilize it and accomplish our goals. Some people are quite clear about their time distribution while some strive hard to get through it. So the key is utilizing every bit of free time available to them no matter how small the window is. For instance, if you are traveling through a bus or metro, then utilize that time in brainstorming ideas or pitches that you have to make. However, don’t be too harsh on yourself. Giving yourself breaks is equally important for your productive juices to be flowing.

Get Proper Sleep

Binging on online series and movies is quite a trend but sleep is the jack of all. Sipping off coffee one after another might make you feel all rejuvenated but it won’t support you in the long run. Taking proper sleep is not a waste of time instead it helps your body relax and function more efficiently & energetically. What do you think would happen to any machine if you run it 24×7 without a break? Of course, it would lose it capacity to work and would break down probably.

Similar is the case with your body. It needs rest and if you won’t provide it with that, your body would exert the force back on you. Most times when miss your sleep at night completing assignments don’t you feel drowsy and exhausted the next day during lectures or at your job, you even steal a few minutes of sleep here and then. But what if you miss some good share of learning during that nap? So, ensure that you have proper sleep and rest at night.

In Conclusion

Finding the right balance between things is challenging but it is important. This not just the case when coping with between your part-time job and your studies but, later in life, you’d have to do that between many more significant things. Make most of this phase in college as a learning and practice phases for things that will occur later in life. Also, develop the habit of prioritizing things. Ask yourself why you are doing this and which one holds more value in life. Asking questions like these will help you make potent decisions in life.