About Us

At collegeschedulemaker.net one can easily generate a schedule in minimum time and even edit it as per own discretion. We provide downloadable and printable schedules so as to make it easy to stick them in the class/room. So far we have been able to help 1500+ college students and teachers in the process.

We aim to make the tedious and time consuming process of scheduling easy, fun, and accessible to all. That is also the reason it is free of cost for everyone who wants to use it. The schedule formatting is customizable to a great extent and also editable. These can easily be imported, exported, mad einto an image format with a single click. You can change colours, add more rows and colums, set time and date, and do so much more is so little time. We have made the owrk of college professors and students a lot easy so that their energy and focus is directed to what is more important- actual studying and preparation.

We also provide to-do lists and very helpful blogs on the site. Our blogs are about increasing productivity, important tips, time management, student life, college life, and more. At CSM, we value productivity and being organized a lot; and that is what we aim to do for others as well.

We’re here to help students to make their career bright. If you have any queries or questions with regards to college life and how to make your life easy in college, then contact us directly.