Difference Between College and University

When someone says they are going to college then generally we mean that they are going to an institute of higher study. This does not mean that they are not only going to college but they are going to university as well. So, what is the main difference between college and university? Here we provide how college is different from a university.

What is the Difference Between College and University?

For higher education, students and parents always wonder about the difference between colleges and universities. Some of us assume college as a private institute while university as a government-funded institute. While others assume that universities provide quality education than colleges. But in reality, it is not the case. For that, first, you have to know what is a college and what is a university.

What is a College?

A college is an institute that provides UG degrees. Some colleges offer 2 years degree courses while others offer bachelor degrees and associate degrees.

What is a University?

Just like college, the university is an institute that provides UG, PG, PhD, and graduate courses. Universities also have a medical or law school for students who want professional degrees. Some universities offer special courses to their students in a short time. Generally, universities offer different classes and courses than college because there are more students enrolled in university than college.

Major Difference in College and University

When it comes down what are the major difference between college and university, it is just more of a general trend of things that are generally true for one than other.

  • Number of students:

One major and common difference is universities carry more students than colleges.

  • Courses:

College provides only an undergraduate degree course while the university provides more courses than colleges like UG, PG, PhD, graduate courses, and some professional courses.

  • Size:

The size of the college is smaller than the university. Because of their small size, colleges provide limited research options for students. On the other hand, universities could be home to many colleges working on or off the campus. Universities are huge and offer many choices to their students like Music, arts, architecture and many more.

  • Budget:

Due to the limited space and facilities, the budget of college is lesser than the university. In university, you will get many facilities and courses to the students. So, if you are looking for a UG course in a low budget then college is the best option for you.

  • Facilities:

As we know, colleges are smaller than universities. So, because of space colleges provide fewer facilities than universities. So, if you are want to study with more facilities than university is the best option for you.

  • Degree:

College provides UG and associate degrees to the students while universities offer PG and master’s degrees to students. Therefore, students who want to higher education or want to make their career in research then universities are the best for them.

So, by reading the above details you know the difference between college and university. But at the time of admission or higher study, some of us may confuse for choosing university or college. Don’t worry here we give you some basic guidelines that help will help you to choose between college and university.

You might choose the college for the higher study if,

  • You like to build a close relationship with teachers and want small class discussions.
  • When you think and need personal attention and academic guidance.
  • In the case when you do not like diversity in culture.
  • When you are not sure to decide your overall academic goals for the next 4 years.
  • If you are decided to do a UG degree course than college is the best option for you.

Select university for the higher study if,

  • When you decide to graduate course, the university is the best option for you.
  • In the when you like diverse culture and participate in big classroom discussion.
  • You are sure about your career and academic goals
  • You want more facilities and good at being resourceful.

Keep in mind all these things and the difference between college and university while selecting colleges and universities. All these are generalized and not all colleges and universities have the same characteristics. Some universities may be small while colleges are big and provide extensive opportunities in research. So, select college or university based on your needs.


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