Difference Between School and College Life

Since we are kids, we dream of college life and fantasize how different and free college life would be than school life! Before entering college, we have all sorts of questions about how it would be different from our school life as it is something we have never experienced but heard a lot about. However, it is not just freedom and liberty with parties. From your childhood to teenage, you are in school, from where you prepare yourself as an adult. Whereas when you enter college, you are expected to be ready to take complete ownership and responsibility of your own. In the next part of this article, we will be dispelling some rumors (good and bad) about college life which will also serve you as a reality check. Ready to learn some major and minor differences between school and college?


What Are Some Interesting Differences Between School?

If you do not admit that your school life was more disciplined than your college life, then you are clearly lying. In school, we learn life lessons and disciplinary rules that we are desirous to challenge but there is always a fear of being caught and punished. On the other hand, in college in-spite of rules, one does not have fear of punishment and is enjoying the newfound freedom. Yet both of them hold their charms and memories. Below we give you the common difference between school life and college life.

Free Time

Unlike school, college timings are not fixed from 9 to 4 or five days a week. In college, you have different timings for each day i.e. 9 to 1 on Monday or 2 to 5 on Friday. This timing is decided as per the courses you are taking or degree. Except for some courses, there is no fixed lunchtime in college like your school. You take a break between two lectures if you want any break.

Learning Environment

In school, we address our teachers as “Madam”, “Miss” or “Sir” on the other hand, in college, we address our professors/teachers as  “Professor”, “Dr. ” or “Mr.”,  “Ms.”. In college students do not just sit and listen to their professor but find out on their own what is important and what is not. You always have to make a choice and a decision. You cannot have cake in both hands. College life expects you to leave something in order to get something. You have to actively participate in the class along with good analytical skills in the college learning environment.

No More Mammy

During school days, you have to wait for mammy to get you ready for school and there will be ready lunch waiting for you before you leave. While in your college days, you wake up on your own and do everything on your own. College life teaches you how to become independent and be responsible. Of course, there is an added advantage of the freedom to go to parties and live alone.


When you spend 8 to 9 hours in school and for so many years, you get to know your classmates really well. Some of these, you must have known all your life since kindergarten. While in college, you find groups in which you enjoy your freedom with your friends, you might not actually know the kind of person someone is to the core, and their values. But eventually, you do make friends that are helpful and the people who you choose because you share similar vision and values. So, in the case of friendship and freedom, this is one major difference between high school life and college life.

Social Life

Unlike school life, after entering college, one cannot rely on their parents for everything. All the things are in your own hands. It is a great time for you to discover yourself, discover new opportunities, and take advantage of social breaks. Not only this, but it is very important to allot time for the actual job and studies.

As a school kid, you do not have much of a social life except school friends, family, relatives, and trips with them.

Cultural Transition

If you get admission anywhere other than a big city, most of the friends are similar. One can only see cultural transition if one can get admission in a big city or in a different state than the one you live in. College life gives you an opportunity to interact with different people of different cultures. So, one has to grab this chance and enjoy the best moments in their life by accepting the little changes.

Though there are so many advantages of college life, one pitfall you always find in college life that during Christmas and summer vacation, you have exams in college! Nevertheless, you will have amazing memories of both.

These are some major differences between school and college life, but both the phase have their own charms that you should be memorable in your life.