8 Fitness Hacks for Lazy Students

No one wants to stay unfit and unhealthy on purpose, however, some of us just need the right push and right devices to begin, right? As per one study organized by Northwestern Medicine and Northeastern University, a starking 95 % of college students fail to eat healthy in a day while less than 40 % of people do regular exercise and take in healthy food recommended by the WHO! Eating healthy meals and staying fit is very easy for some but what about some of us who are simply lazy to work out daily and follow a routine? Don’t worry, here we give you 8 useful pointers for fitness hacks for the lazy and unmotivated students.


Now most of us hate eating healthy and staying fit. We gain all kinds of unhealthy habits especially when we start living on our own, in college. But for some, they love gymming and athletics and it is very easy for them to stay healthy and fit. Those who are lazy bother about things other than their fitness and health. To motivate this lazy bunch of students, we would like to introduce some fitness tips that will prove to be very helpful for college students during their college days.

8 Excellent Fitness Hacks for Lazy Students

During college days, many of us do not take care of our fitness and health. But it is necessary to focus on this because it not only improves your physical health but also promotes and contributes to your mental well being. Below we give the Fitness Tips for Lazy Students. So, if you think that you too are lazy and you never bother for your health, need motivation, tips, and inspiration,  then you should religiously follow the tips below.

Use a Bicycle

If you are using public transport or a car to reach the college then use a bicycle. Use of bicycle not only save your money but it will help you to get into shape. You can also start a bike only for a short distance until you feel comfortable. For that, you do not need any fancy bike like the one you see around your campus. So, use a bicycle to stay fit and healthy in your college days. This also has a great impact on our environment.

Walk a Little Bit Faster

We all know walking is the best exercise and it helps us a lot to keep you fit, but what if you don’t have time for a long walk every day? Don’t worry we provide a really simple solution and that is: walk faster. This is helpful even if you walk on a daily basis to and from your classes. By doing this, you can also improve your overall physical health. Fast walking not only maintains your weight but it can also help you to prevent various health issues like diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure.


Exercise While Listening Songs

We all know exercise keeps you healthy and fit and for doing exercises many are hitting gyms and fitness centers. To make yourself more productive and to push harder, exercise while listening to songs. This keeps you distracted and also helps you increase your workout levels. Be it at home, room or fitness centers, and gyms. So, by doing this one can easily maintain their fitness and it is a very important fitness hack for lazy students.

Use the Stairs

Most of the things that are healthy habits for us humans are also very beneficial to the environment. Using a bicycle and now, the stairs. Always use the stairs instead of elevators and lifts. If the place where you stay is on a floor that is way up, you can use stairs for half the way and then use the elevators for the remaining way. This helps you in staying fit and healthy, more easily than anything else.

Do Extra Chores

This 5th hack might sound a bit cumbersome and mommy like. Anyway, we know that no one likes extra household work, but you cannot escape this. This is a very important activity to stay fit and healthy whether you live in an apartment, room, or at your own home. To maintain your fitness level, you should start sweeping, vacuuming, and mopping floors. By doing this you increase your heart rate and burn calories. You can also start dusting, doing laundry, and cleaning the garage for burning extra fat and calories. This will also ensure the cleanliness of the place where you live. Two birds with one stone, eh?

Start the Workout With Your Friends

We enjoy everything more when we are with our friends. So, make a fitness plan with your best friend or a roommate to start working out. Having your friends working towards the same goal helps you to be more productive. You can hype each other up and motivate each other as well. For that, you can start walking together; find a fun workout class or schedule gym classes with each other. This fitness hack works better than most for those who are lazy and unmotivated.


Get Enough Sleep

Maintaining a balance between social life and school life is very difficult and sometimes due to this, you do not get enough sleep. As per research, humans need to get at least 7 to 9 hours of sleep every day. Now, this becomes difficult due to the many distractions of modern life. This includes social media, streaming platforms, gaming, and other such distractions.

So, 30 minutes before going to sleep, switch off all your electronic gadgets and other distracting things. By doing this,  you can avoid disturbance in mental peace that keeps you awake at night and results in bad sleep.

Motivate Yourself

After doing your workout regularly, treat yourself. If you are doing your workout properly then treat yourself. You can also celebrate your fitness.

Nevertheless, however lazy you may be, you need to do some changes in your daily routine that could help you stay in shape. The results are not instant and take time, but maintaining a healthy lifestyle goes a long way. Our 8 hacks do not require anything extra or time-consuming. These are the basic changes that can help you lead a healthy life. Start this as a college student and take this well into your adulthood and grown-up life. You will see tremendous changes!